Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cajun Country! Partie Deux

We spent a lovely afternoon with amazing southern wildlife watching...

And enjoyment of the local libations...  Bayou Teche - a great beer company!  Had a local comment on "how strong" these beers were... not an issue for us Canadians!

March is mudbug season - a.k.a. crawfish/crayfish!  We wussed out and went for the mild - which was hot enough... 

This is the deck at McGee's Landing - try their grilled gator as well...  great spot to take it all in!

Cajun Country! Part 1

Although we were torn, we had to leave New Orleans and head to Cajun country.  Between the music and the food, it was a given.  We drove west on the I-10 to Breaux Bridge, where we found the Bayou Boudin and Cracklin Cabins
This bed and breakfast has a variety of old cabins that sit right on the Bayou Teche (and unfortunately right by the road as well).  We got the funky Elvis cabin.

 Your overnight stay includes a Cajun food specialties sampler that included boudin sausage, hog head's cheese, pork cracklins, and homemade root beer!   The actual beer helped wash down the grease... yeesh....

 Off to Henderson for a tour of the Achafalaya swamp, with a good view of this alligator.

 Unfortunately for them, they are delish-us!!!!

Love the bayous.... (to be continued...)