Monday, April 9, 2012

Crudessence - rawlicious!

I recently learned the difference between raw and live food... either way - lots of enzymes and nutrients - and bonus - you never get served food that isn't hot enough!  Discovered the restaurant Crudessence in Montreal (we ate at the one on Rachel, another location on Mackay).   They also cater, give workshops & classes, and sell a variety of products from their shops and online.

Groovy menu with all sorts of unusual combos of vegetables, sprouts, and grains.  All organic and vegan.

Pesto spaghetti

Fine zucchini noodles, with pistachio pesto, spinach, apple and marinated mushrooms, sprinkled with Crumesan and served with onion bread


Pad thai bowl

Banan Split (with brownies!)

 Mousse au chocolat

Brownie with pistachio ice cream

A grand selection of teas and juices as well.

I find the textures of raw/live food a bit challenging at times, especially if you are used to eating dairy.  Let's just say it's ice "cream" and not ice CREAM.  Prices are a bit high, but at the same time, you're getting someone else to chop and grate all those organic veggies.... And you feel so good after you're done!