Sunday, September 25, 2011

"We want to eat Canada food...."

During a recent visit to Ottawa, my Japanese relatives asked to eat "Canadian" food....  other than maple syrup, of course.   Coming from a land of a singular, supremely awe-inspiring cuisine, it was interesting trying to explain to them what Canadian food was, having already eaten italian, chinese, korean, japanese, lebanese, greek, german, british, etc. etc. etc. 
However, they had to try poutine, especially being just next door to Quebec!  We went to my favorite spot, Jack's, a chip wagon on the south side of Rideau Street between Friel and Chapel.  The current owner has improved on Jack's gravy, which was hard to believe, but true (he tells me it is now vegetarian!)!  A very generous medium of his excellent fries, topped with squeaky cheese curds and that awesome gravy kept the three of us happy for the rest of the day (okay, they both had to sample a pogo too!).

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gatineau Favs

Where to eat out when you're visiting National Office? 

See below for my favs....

1) Bistro St. Jacques - Beautifully prepared bistro food, many entrees served with awesome frites & aioli AND salad (no guilt!). - it was selected as one of the top 10 restos in Ottawa
last year.... and not just new restaurants either!
Vincent is the perfect host.  Highly recommended!

2) Pizazza - mainly thin crust pizzas, an awesome smoked salmon salad, great wine by the

3) Fleur de Sel / L'Argoat - 2 restos (one a vegetarian, one a crepe (non
vegetarian) that have merged.

4) La Belle Verte - a little vegan/raw vegan resto - delicious and fresh
this time of year. I love the raw pizzas, and the specialty salads.  Here are some reviews.

5) Epicerie Poukham - Thai grocery store and restaurant - amazing lunch special - you'll be in and out in 30 minutes - piping hot spring rolls served within minutes of sitting down (included in price of lunch special).  If you're ordering the pad thai, ask them to cut back on the sauce.....  Say hi to Kia when you go (104 Rue Eddy).

FYI - #'s 2 and especially 5 are good at getting you in and out quickly (if you have that 1pm teleconference....).  You should mention to the others if you need to complete and pay for your meal within an hour.