Sunday, February 20, 2011

C5 - Dining in the Royal Ontario Museum

 The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada's largest world culture and natural history museum, was built in 1912. Walking down Bloor street, it is impossible to miss the "Crystal" growing out of the front of the ROM - addition designed by Daniel Libeskind in 2007. 

On the 5th floor, the elevator opens to C5, a sleek bright restaurant run by executive chef Ted Corrado.  We went for Sunday brunch, and started with mimosas as we checked out the great views of Toronto.

The menu is drool worthy - hard to decide... so why don't we make it easy and try a bunch of these dishes?

Basket of patisseries and the charcuterie plate

Deconstructed huevos rancheros - fried eggs with Brezain cheese, a salty chunk of pork belly, chicharrons (pork rinds), black bean taco, a strip of guacamole, and two salsas.

Lobster english muffin: a lobster omelette with pea meal bacon, emmenthal and gruyere cheeses, with cucumber and celery slaw
Cumbrae's fried chicken, Beemster biscuit, perfectly poached egg and kohlrabi slaw
And don't forget the Bacon Menu!  Mmmmmm... bacon...

Wonderful meal, eye-rollingly tasty, great company, fantastic wrap up to a quick trip to Toronto!

Thanks Myrna for a wonderful brunch and visit!

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