Sunday, April 17, 2011

Airport food - Chicago & New Orleans

I don't travel as often as I used to, but it is often interesting the types of food you can get en route.  Of course there are the ubiquitous Rotten Ronnie's, BKs, and Tim Hortons, but it's the local food I look for.  I've seen jamon sandwiches and rum drink boxes (Cuba), awesome burritos (at Andale in San Fran), Korean BBQ (sadly, gone from the local terminal at Honolulu International Airport), ramen (Tokyo), etc.  I love that feeling of being able to squeeze one last meal into a trip!

I rtecently passed through O'Hare in Chicago.  I checked out a tapas place that the stewardess had mentioned, but passed on the drab menu.  I ended up, sadly, at Wolfgang Puck's Express - which was interesting years ago when it first opened but now seems a tired.  After eating a rather dull sandwich, I came across this sight. 

OMG!  Tortas?!?!?! by Rick Bayless!?!?  I've been a fan of his PBS series and cookbooks as a champion of authentic Mexican cuisine.  Frontera just opened in February 2011 and has already been named one of Frommer's top 10 airport restaurants in the US.  The menu for Frontera was mouthwatering, and high point for his ingredients sourcing.


With a heavy heart, and full stomach - I read the menu... then decided I had to eat SOMEthing.  I knew I wasn't flying back through ORD... so I had the tortilla soup...
Pretty challenging flavours - earthy, oily, intense chili flavours.  Next time, a torta....
On our way back from an epic trip to New Orleans, we ended up in the Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY) and found the Creole Carvery.  Great staff and even greater menu.

A little lagniappe (a little bonus, New Orleans style): a fun website of airline food! 

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